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Tuesday, 17 April 2012

An Idea Becomes?

We would like to see what support people have for an idea...

short-tailed bat Mystacina tuberculata Little Barrier Island. Photograph: Mike Thorsen
In New Zealand the number of species considered by the Department of Conservation as at risk from extinction increased by nearly 200 over the past five years. There are now nearly 4,000 plants, birds, insects, fish, mammals, reptiles, lichens, fungi, etc at risk of extinction in New Zealand. 

Of these 4,000, over 800 species are in imminent danger. The Department of Conservation has only enough resources to actively manage (to varying degrees) just a 1/4 of these. Other organisations and individuals play a critical role in the conservation of some of the others.

There are not enough resources (primarily money) to address the problem.

So here's the idea: Create a $20 million NZ conservation fund

Simple really. But how?

This is where you come in. We need evidence of support that we can take to those in power and those that hold the purse strings that people really like this idea. We need LOTS of evidence.

Visit this blog, comment on it, add your views - and get your friends to do the same!

On this blog we'll post ideas and news on the progress that is made. We'll also post articles on New Zealand's endangered species and the people who are dedicated to their survival and any other interesting and useful bits we come across.

What do you think?

The black robin. An example of what can be done. Once only five birds existed, now the population is limited by space to just under 200 birds

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