Follow the Endangered Species Foundation's journey in setting up a conservation fund for New Zealand's rarest of the rare - critically endangered fauna and flora on the brink of extinction. The future of New Zealand's most vulnerable is uncertain - nearly 4,000 indigenous species are in danger of being lost. We we have a chance to pledge our commitment and support to protect our extraordinary species and unique habitats, now and into the future. We are committed to preserving the rarest of the rare, by funding results orientated conservation projects, with the support of New Zealanders like you.

Thursday, 20 September 2012

Trustee Introductions Continued

We welcome Jane Marshall to the Endangered Species Foundation.

As she says:

"As a native born West Coaster I was lucky enough to experience the vast tracts of forests and stunning coastlines as a regular part of my formative years and for over 45 years now I have lived and traveled in the South Island.  My earliest interests in animals evolved over the years of work experience as a teenager at Orana Park and holidays to countries with exotic flowering plants, through my tertiary education which began in zoology and ended in botany.  During my years at the universities in Canterbury and Otago I met inspirational people who were and are actively involved in the often hard work of conserving New Zealand's unique species and wilderness spaces and these people have effectively guided my own journey into the world of biodiversity conservation.  
Having been involved in conservation efforts in New Zealand, it is clear to me that as a country we desperately need to expand the amount of species conservation work that is occurring here in order to stop the tragic losses of our vulnerable flora and fauna.  The Endangered Species Foundation of New Zealand presents a new opportunity to increase the likelihood of survival of our treasured species, and as a corollary, the spectacular places they live in."
Jane doing what she likes best - in the sun, eating fruit, on a mountain, surrounded by tussock

Jane currently works on the coalface of conservation with the Department of Conservation in Hokitika. She is a past President of the Otago branch of Forest and Bird and is involved with many other community conservation groups.

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