Follow the Endangered Species Foundation's journey in setting up a conservation fund for New Zealand's rarest of the rare - critically endangered fauna and flora on the brink of extinction. The future of New Zealand's most vulnerable is uncertain - nearly 4,000 indigenous species are in danger of being lost. We we have a chance to pledge our commitment and support to protect our extraordinary species and unique habitats, now and into the future. We are committed to preserving the rarest of the rare, by funding results orientated conservation projects, with the support of New Zealanders like you.

Thursday, 18 July 2013

Image Is Everything

The Endangered Species Foundation of NZ now has a professional image developed by Acumen Republic:

The logo was developed to contain themes of land, air and water based on a caring heart background. We also wanted it to look professional and crisp and of course distinctive. We think Acumen have pulled off this brief superbly.

Elements of this logo can be used in different ways and combined with other devices in our publications and communications. Having a good image to give a good professional first-impression for the Endangered Species Foundation is critical and we're looking forward to taking it out to the New Zealand community.

Acumen undertook this work pro-bono as the staff and managers wished to be involved in a worthwhile cause that they could support using their specific talents. We think they are showing what forward looking companies value - a business that integrates with its community to the benefit of both.

Our next step is to develop our promotional material. Again, Acumen are very generously and professionally supporting us in this.

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