Follow the Endangered Species Foundation's journey in setting up a conservation fund for New Zealand's rarest of the rare - critically endangered fauna and flora on the brink of extinction. The future of New Zealand's most vulnerable is uncertain - nearly 4,000 indigenous species are in danger of being lost. We we have a chance to pledge our commitment and support to protect our extraordinary species and unique habitats, now and into the future. We are committed to preserving the rarest of the rare, by funding results orientated conservation projects, with the support of New Zealanders like you.

Sunday, 13 April 2014

ESFNZ Receives DOC's Support

Kia ora

I am Liz Sherwood and I am here to support ESFNZ’s Board of Trustees, thanks to a generous grant made by the Stout Trust. My role includes communications, funding and marketing support, and working with the Advisory Board. My passion is conservation advocacy in the written form. My background is science, ecology, weeds, conservation advocacy, working with conservation volunteers, writing and editing. I feel very lucky to be part of this incredible initiative.  

First job

Start writing a regular newsletter to share with our supporters. Here is the first issue: The Rarest of the Rare #1 (PDF)

The Advisory Group’s first job

Now that our Advisory Group has formed, they are working on their first task – to develop a robust decision-making system for determining which species are NZ's most endangered. The resulting list of the top ten 'rarest of the rare' species will be a powerful tool, both to attract media to our official launch in July, and to attract funding to support those species. I’ll get back to you with developments.

ESFNZ receives DOC’s support

Meetings with Lou Sanson (Director-General of Conservation) have been very productive. We now have the practical support of the Department of Conservation. Achieving this milestone is essential for the credibility and strength of our Foundation.

Mike Thorsen and Trustees have also been busy approaching heads of big businesses to secure financial support - with some great successes and progress being made.

NEXT Foundation 

News of the formation of NEXT Foundation is exciting and encouraging because they can invest in large-scale and long-term environmental projects. We now have another potential source of significant funds that we can apply for. Expressions of Interest (pre-application forms) can be submitted in June (

Our website (in ‘Phase 1’ form) is almost ready. Thanks to Acumen Republic it is looking fantastic. We can’t wait to share it!

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